Missouri State Association of
​                 Licensed Practical Nurses, Inc.


David Pattison, LPN          President         2018

Marilyn Eneff, LPN            Vice-Pres.        2017

Tina Gerber, LPN              Im-Past  Pres. 2018 

Kimberly Ludwick, LPN     Secretary         2017

Mariam Kuensting, LPN    Treasurer         2018


Kathryn Cardwell, LPN                 2018

Gail Miller, LPN                            2017

Terese Perry, LPN                        2017

Lola Crum, LPN                            2018

​Phyllis McBrayer, LPN                  2018

Carmen Southall-Wanhoff, LPN   2018

Paige Haines, LPN                       2018

Grace Durham, LPN                     2018

Sarah Modaff, LPN                      2018

Kerry Wilson, RN PN Educator    2018

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MoSALPN keeps its members abreast of all action and activities of legislation that might have a positive or negative effect upon the profession of Practical Nursing.

MoSALPN serves as a resource center for informational material for LPN's.  This is accomplished through use of a centralized office and by publication of the official newsletter.

MoSALPN provides representation of LPN's in professional education and community groups and helps to maintain a good rapport with all major health service groups and associations in the state.

"Service Above Self"​


The purpose of MoSALPN is to raise the standards of the Profession of Practical Nursing by providing leadership through an ongoing organization whose purpose is to represent the Licensed Practical Nurse in the workplace, and at all levels of government both local and national.


State Capitol Rotunda, 

Jefferson City, MO

April 4, 2017


Ramada Plaza Hotel Oasis,

Springfield, MO

June 11-13, 2017

Missouri State Association of LPN's

​PO Box 105542

1103 Suite F, Southwest Blvd,

Jefferson City, MO 65101-348



Missouri State Association of LPN's.

All Rights Reserved.

MoSALPN is a not-for-profit organization designed to represent the Licensed Practical Nurse and to acquaint the general public with respect to practical nursing.   We are bedside nurses, who have been trained to perform those duties that promote and enhance health and well being.




MoSALPN encourages and promotes systematic continuing education for its members, through their collaboration with other health care organizations, at affordable prices. 


Missouri State Association of
​                 Licensed Practical Nurses, Inc.